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The Hays County Tax Assessor - Collector makes every effort to produce and publish the most accurate information possible; however, this material may be slightly dated which would have an impact on its accuracy. Any errors or omissions should be reported for investigation. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or its interpretation.

The assessed values are subject to change before being finalized for ad valorem tax purposes. The information should be used for informational use only and does not constitute a legal document for the description of these properties. The Hays County Tax Assessor - Collector disclaims any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this data.


You can also pay your taxes by E-Check at

Payment options when choosing to pay online...


eCheck offers the option of paying property taxes by writing a check electronically from your checking account.

There is a flat $.50 convenience fee when choosing this payment option.

Credit Cards

Credit card payments are also accepted.

There is a $0.30 cent per transaction plus 2.2% convenience fee when choosing this payment option.

Why is there a convenience fee?

A convenience fee is what the credit card companies and payment processors charge. Governmental agencies unfortunately cannot absorb the fee like retailers and must charge it to those who choose this form of payment. Hays County does not retain any portion of the convenience fee. The ability to pay property taxes by eCheck or credit card is important for many people who request it as an option. We wish there were not any fees of any kind and continue to work with the credit card companies but without it, we would not be able to offer this service.

Information for Successful or Declined Credit Card and eCheck Transactions

While credit card transactions have an immediate response of being accepted or declined, eCheck transactions do not provide an immediate response of being accepted or declined and are pending for up to 72 hours until the bank account provided is electronically debited and completed by the processor. The business day and time of the transaction affects when the account is electronically debited by the processor. When paying by eCheck, the funds for the full amount must be available in the bank account provided at the time of the transaction for it to be completed and successful. According to the Texas Property Tax Code, if the transaction is denied because of insufficient funds in the account when it is electronically debited, the payment is not considered to have been made and the property account cannot be credited for payment on the date the transaction was attempted. An unsuccessful transaction due to insufficient funds cannot be replaced after the fact to keep the original date. The date of a successful transaction that is duly paid and honored is considered the date of payment. If an electronic error on the part of the bank or processor causes the transaction to be declined and is not due to insufficient funds in the bank account, the original date the payment was attempted will be honored.